Perth's first indoor driving range

Our new facility gives you 12 meters from hitting zone to impact net and each bay has a TrackMan 4 Radar, so you can practice better, refine your golfing technique and improve your game of golf faster! 




Join our membership and receive a MyTrackMan account in the cloud so you can keep track of your stats over time, spot trends or tendencies, and see how you have improved. All of your data is automatically uploaded to the TrackMan could where you can share your success with your coach and friends.

TrackMan features a wide range of golf practice options, including: Driving Range, and various skills tests. After every golf swing, Trackman analyses your swing and gives you vital information, including:

• Club Head Speed 

• Ball Speed 

• Club Face Data

• Club Path Data 

• Distance 

• Spin

We use the best technology so you can refine your technique and improve your game.